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The Leadership Succession Lifecycle in Best-Practice Firms, co-authors Kyle V. Davy, David Aitken, Geordie Aitken, Rod Hoffman

"Leadership succession is an inevitable fact of corporate life for organizations. It is a particularly significant process for engineering and architectural firms as their leaders, many of whom are in the Baby Boom generation, approach the end of their careers.

Too often, inattention to this critical process results in significant performance declines as firms work through vacuums left by retiring leaders or engage in conflict among people competing for the top executive leadership post. Unfortunately, for many firms the ultimate consequence of this inattention is a premature organizational death, generally via sale or merger."

This new book just released by ACEC, The Leadership Succession Lifecycle in Best Practice Firms, examines the results of a study designed to identify and describe a set of best practices, not prove a theory. The work, conducted by renowned management consultants, design professionals, and SEI faculty Kyle Davy, AIA; Rod Hoffman, PE; David Aitken, FRAIC; and Geordie Aitken, drew upon the best practices from a group of thirteen firms that have successfully navigated this territory before.

Kyle V. Davy at kyle@kylevdavy.com

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