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Mastering the Art of Project Management for Design Firms
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Transformational changes in project delivery demand new project management and leadership skills from architects, engineers, and design professionals. This six-day course combines a solid foundation of project management concepts with a set of basic leadership competencies to prepare project managers to succeed in this challenging environment.

Project Management Fundamentals:
• Scope Management & Contracts
• Planning, Budgeting & Scheduling
• Project Initiation & Closeout
• Quality Management
• Monitoring & Controlling
• Client Relationship Management

Project Leadership Competencies:
• Motivation
• Teams
• Time Management
• Delegation
• Accountability
• Creativity & Design Thinking

Mastering the Art of Design Firm Management
To Be Announced

A six-day course designed to support the growth and development of leaders in architecture, design, consulting engineering, and creative service firms as they assume management roles and responsibilities. The course focuses on seven fundamental elements of successful design firm management

• Vision & Strategic Management
• Marketing & Business Development
• Financial Management
• Operations Management
• Human Resource Management
• Ownership Transition
• Leadership & Personal Mastery

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