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    “I hired Kyle to lead our Strategic Planning process at a time when we had begun to develop our own approach. Kyle sat with us and listened to where we were in our process and what our desired outcome was. He then crafted an approach, which flanged up with the work we had done to take us to the final outcome of strategic goals and initiatives.
    His ability to adapt his model, combined with his skill at ‘heading’ twenty plus people through a process to arrive at a common strategic direction was critical.
He blends very effectively his experience and expertise with our business and strategic planning, with listening skills to guide our team to a conclusion that was right for us. I've already recommended Kyle to colleagues and would be glad to talk to anyone interested in learning more about our work with Kyle.”
     — Doug McKeown, CEO and Chairman, Woodard & Curran

“Kyle is a thought leader in the architecture/engineering/construction market sector. As a strategic guide, his service is about crafting a powerful, timely vision and then building a bridge of implementation to reach that goal. His knowledge and research is current; his facilitation is skilled; and he is both organized and easy to work with. Since first connecting with Kyle as a leader of ACEC's Senior Executive Institute, I have hired him for at least three strategic planning assignments.”
     Ronald Peckham, President & CEO, C&S Companies

    “We worked with Kyle to facilitate a corporate strategic planning process for our engineering firm. Kyle was simply excellent in his understanding of the business challenges of our industry, understanding where we were as a company, and helping us find an appropriate direction to proceed. His process included pre-session interviews with key leaders, assigning team homework, and facilitating two separate sessions that helped us determine our own direction. I would hire Kyle again when we are ready for strategic planning again, and can whole heartily recommend him to any company in the engineering or architecture industry.”
     Bob Galteland, President/CEO, Reid Middleton

    “Kyle was hired both as a keynote speaker to our annual shareholders meeting and as a facilitator for our strategic planning retreat. He excelled in both roles and helped GeoEngineers (1) evaluate and assess strategic observations and ideas gathered through feedback and (2) reach consensus on the elements of our new plan. Most importantly, he helped us navigate the tricky waters of opinion and personality and kept the session productive. He won the respect of all participants by challenging conventional wisdom, while respecting the many varied perspectives and the organization's need to determine our own direction. His experience and professionalism were great assets in the process. We will certainly utilize his services again on matters of business insight, planning and training.”
     Kurt Fraese, CEO, Geoengineers



    “Kyle Davy has worked with project managers, emerging project managers and the top leadership of RBF Consulting, a company of Michael Baker Corporation, for over 7 years. The value of his work within our firm has been exceptional as the participants carry forward the lessons learned in earnest. Kyle's Project Management and Leadership training, as well as his Scenario Planning efforts with our Company have truly made a difference in our ability to successfully serve our clients, win projects, plan for the future and increase profits. In addition to the value of Kyle's facilitation of meetings to teach the technical and fiscal aspects of management, he has introduced management styles and communications, both written and verbal along with coaching and mentoring aspects focused on building teams and building client relationships.
    Kyle has given our leaders and project managers key skills to success in any field, particularly civil and environmental engineering, planning, surveying and construction management. He has a style of facilitation and teaching that keeps the participants engaged in ‘learn by doing’ group settings and his wisdom and knowledge from past experience is very effectively shared throughout the meetings. Kyle is extremely personable, helpful beyond the meeting settings and available to answer questions or give advice long after the programs are complete. I would highly recommend Kyle Davy for Project Management, Leadership Development, Scenario Planning and management consultation. He makes a positive difference in the businesses he works with and in the lives and careers of those he teaches and is wonderful to work with.”
     Barbara Eljenholm, Senior Vice President, RBF Consulting

    “I have known Kyle for many years and he has provided service to our company in many capacities. He worked with our firm to conduct scenario planning several years ago, which still is the basis for our firm's strategic plan. He has conducted project management training for our principals on several occasions and many of our firm leaders have worked closely with Kyle through the ACEC Senior Executives Institute. We have always been very happy with Kyle's knowledge of the industry and our business, his professionalism, and his collaborative style."
     Stacy Bartoletti, President & CEO, Degenkolb Engineers



    “We employed Kyle Davy to assist us in developing a program to reduce unbillable services. Kyle has conducted our Project Leadership Program over the years and has facilitated our Strategic Planning process. Both with great success.
    Addressing unbillable services was needed because we were experiencing job losses due to services rendered that we couldn’t bill for. Kyle helped us identify the causes and assisted us in developing a proactive plan to improve on our performance.
    The main objective of the program was to raise awareness of the problem and its adverse affect on profits and therefore the firm. Focus groups from our business units were formed to look at and develop ways to improve on our performance. The program was conducted in a group setting so that different business units could share their experience and plans for improvement. This created a very positive synergy that yielded excellent results.
    Many of the problems we were experiencing were a result of the “Great Recession,’ but some were systemic. The program, or process, we went through helped flush out the areas we could improve on.  The results were dramatic. We went from historical high unbillable services to less than 1% of gross services for the past two years.
    Kyle’s perspective was very valuable in this effort. He brought credibility to the program due to his broad experience in the industry. Our project management processes, contract negotiations, ability to identify and ask for additional compensation, etc. have greatly improved as a result of the program that Kyle led for us.”
     Michael L. Smith, PE, President/CEO, George Butler Associates


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