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Game Change — for Built Environment Professionals
Part II: Becoming a Professional Entrepreneur

by Kyle Davy,
May 6, 2013
"In 201
0, leaders at the civil engineering firm PSOMAS noticed an emerging opportunity…"
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Game Change — for Built Environment Professionals
Part I: Growth Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

by Kyle Davy,
April 2, 2013
"The last thirty years have been tough for engineers, architects, and other design professionals...."
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Animal Spirits in High Performance Cultures
by Kyle Davy, June 16, 2011
"Let us unite in banishing fear..."

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Transformation, Not Recovery
by Kyle Davy, October 7, 2009
"Throughout the long dry summer of 1988, forest fires burned on and off in Yellowstone National Park..."

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by Kyle Davy, March 11, 2009
"The financial downdrafts of the last six months have battered design professionals and their firms
along with the rest of the economy..."

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Catching The Third Wave: The Design Process — Architectural Thinking
by Kyle Davy, August 31, 2006
"In his breakthrough book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, MIT professor Clayton Christensen observes that technologies move through a performance life cycle..."

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